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hands massaging giving woman lymphatic drainage massage in astoria new york
Drainage Massage

Astoria, Queens, New York

Manual lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that can help alleviate various issues such as swelling, stress, arthritis, and skin problems. By promoting the natural movement of lymph fluids, which would otherwise remain stagnant in specific areas, this massage can provide several benefits.

People often choose Lymphatic Drainage for various reasons, including health and aesthetic concerns. Swelling can be unsightly and cause emotional distress, not to mention the discomfort it brings. This therapy can alleviate pain and stress while also improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Expect to enjoy multiple benefits with this soothing massage.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a network of organs, vessels, and tissues that help the body fight infection and other diseases. It is part of the body’s immune system and helps to keep the body healthy by removing bacteria and other harmful substances from the body.

The lymphatic system also helps to transport nutrients and other substances throughout the body.

How does the Lymphatic System Work?

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that runs throughout the body, responsible for removing toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials from the bloodstream. It is made up of a network of thin vessels called lymphatic vessels, which transport a clear fluid called lymph from the tissues back into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system also contains lymph nodes, which are small bean-shaped structures that help filter out unwanted materials from the lymph. Lymph nodes also contain white blood cells, which help fight off infections. The lymphatic system is also connected to the immune system, which helps protect the body from foreign invaders.

of Post-Surgery
Lymphatic Drainage

Post-surgery lymphatic drainage is an important part of the recovery process. The lymphatic system is a key part of the body’s immune system, helping to fight off infection and support healing. It is responsible for the removal of toxins, waste and excess fluid from the body. After surgery, the lymphatic system can become sluggish or blocked, leading to swelling, pain and stiffness. Lymphatic drainage helps to encourage natural drainage of the lymphatic system, allowing the body to heal more quickly and effectively. It also helps to reduce the risk of infection and promote healing of the surgical site.

Your lymphatic system could
be blocked

When the lymphatic system can no longer carry out the duties of:

  • Draining lymph fluid back into the bloodstream

  • Remove bodily waste

  • Carry white blood cells

The lymphatic system essentially experiences what we call a “Lymphatic Congestion” or, in other words, a back-up. This occurs due to inflammation and disease, and the cells actually poison themselves from their own toxic cesspool of lymph fluids.

person receiving a lymphatic drainage massage
Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage massage include:
  • Debloats and depuffs. 

  • Breaks down cellulite and fat cells.

  • Gives skin a glow.

  • Helps with post-injury swelling.

  • Optimises results after liposuction.

  • Eases tension in the body.

  • Improved Immune System

  • Reduced Fatigue, Anxiety, and Stress

Price per session


1 hour


3 sessions


6 sessions


10 sessions

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