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in Queens, NY


Laser Facials in NYC, Manhattan & Queens

Anti-aging | Wrinkles | Collagen loss | Hyperpigmentation

One of the keys to having beautiful skin is collagen, the single most abundant protein in your body. And one of the keys to stimulating collagen to restore the wholesomeness of your face is with a facial. But not just any facial. Laser facial treatment goes beyond just cleansing and moisturizing your skin – it also gets rid of hyperpigmentation, evens out skin texture, and leaves your skin positively glowing.

What Is A Laser Facial?

A laser facial – or laser resurfacing – surpasses the conventional facial. It is a safe and highly effective way to stimulate collagen and refine skin tone. At Skin Fusion Spa, we offer laser and light facials that take the results to the next level, reducing facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, including blemishes and even acne scars. The technique involves directing short, concentrated, pulsating beams of light on the skin to precisely remove irregular skin, layer by layer.

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